Eugene's Grocery
Johor Bahru, Johor
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Business Hour: 11:30am-10pm daily (except Tuesday) Eugene’s grocery launching our website and our value added products. Our products are easy to use, tasty, no MSG and healthy. Our official website will be ready next week with many exciting products from Japanese food i.e ikura, uni, some other fine products and some sample food like white bread loaf. In this time of food scarcity, we are here to ensure everyone has the best of survival. Stay home and we will bring the food to your door step. “Stay safe and stay healthy” Solidarity is our biggest hope and glory. Please find details below. Easy gourmet food, be your own gourmet chef at home! Don't need to cut and wash, save time Your food can be ready after 10min Vacuum pack can keep freezer 3 months Fresh food & no preservatives *Min order RM20 *Free delivery within 3km. *Over 3km RM5 charge per trip. *Free deliver charge purchase RM150 above We accept bank transfer or cash payment. 易美食 (Ready to Eat) Garlic Marinated Chicken Chop 大蒜腌制鸡扒 Vacuum pack/300gm+/RM5.50 Per Pkt Braised Duck Leg 慢炖鸭腿与酱汁 Vacuum pack/350gm+/RM9.00 Per Pkt Classic Chicken Bolognese 经典鸡肉肉酱 Vacuum pack/200gm+/RM5.00 Per Pkt Carbonara Sauce 意大利芝士意粉白酱 Vacuum pack/200gm+/RM3.00 Per Pkt Slow Cooked Lamb Stew with carrot & potato 慢炖羊肉与蔬菜及酱汁 Vacuum pack/160gm+/RM16.00 Per Pkt Beef Bolognese 牛肉红酱 Vacuum pack/200gm+/RM6.00 Per Pkt Honey BBQ Marinated Chicken Chop 蜂蜜烧烤鸡扒 Vacuum pack/300gm+/RM7.00 Per Pkt Braise Lamb Shank with brown sauce 慢炖羊小腿与酱汁 Vacuum pack/400gm+/RM28.00 Per Pkt Marinara Pasta Sauce 意大利西红柿酱 Vacuum pack/200gm+/RM3.00 Per Pkt French Onion Soup 法式葱汤 Vacuum pack/200gm+/RM2.00 Per Pkt Oxtail Stew with carrot 牛尾炖肉与蔬菜及酱汁 Vacuum pack/300gm+/RM13.00 Per Pkt Fresh Mushroom Soup 蘑菇汤 Vacuum pack/200gm+/RM6.00 Per Pkt Creamy Pumpkin Soup 奶油南瓜汤 Vacuum pack/200gm+/RM5.00 Per Pkt Slow Braised Australia Beef Short Rib with Brown Sauce 慢炖牛肉排骨与酱汁 Vacuum pack/300gm+/RM23.00 Per Pkt #Johor Bahru #Johor #VTFreeDrink



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