Hawwah Bakery
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
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🍞🌭新鮮麵包🥐🥖 周華記每天新鮮烘培的天然酵母麵包! 🔸不含防腐劑 🔸不含軟化劑 🔸不含改良劑 🔸不含色素及味精 非常時期,最好還是乖乖呆在家,懶惰可以叫外賣哦。周華記的麵包有送到15km以內的範圍,支持貨到付款,下單後会在当天/隔天收到。沒有最低消費哦。 我们有:蛋挞、烧包、奶油面包、肉干肉丝面包、椰丝面包、叉烧面包、豆沙面包、葡萄干面包、加央面包、花生面包、鸳鸯面包、炸豆沙面包、咖喱马铃薯面包、可可面包、鸡丝面包、肉干面包、香肠面包、奶酪面包、火腿奶酪面包、Pancake、海绵蛋糕、Swiss Roll…… 歡迎瀏覽我們的菜单瞭解其他產品。 🍞Freshly Baked Sourdough Loaf Bread 🍞 Hawwah Bakery have daily fresh baked Natural Wild Yeast Bread (Sourdough) here! 🔸 No Preservatives 🔸 No Dough Conditioners 🔸 No Dough Softener 🔸 No Artificial flavors and coloring All people are encouraging to stay at home at this critical moment (movement control order). Our breads & pastries are offering delivery services with No Minimum Quantity ordered to covers distant of 15 km away. We accept Cash on Delivery, hence no charges incurred until the food had reached your doorsteps. Products offering by us: Egg Tarts, Roasted Bun, Butter Sugar Bread, Dried Meat & Floss Bread, Coconut Bread, Barbecue Bread, Red Bean Bread, Raisin Bread, Kaya Bread, Peanut Butter Bread, Kaya Butter Bread, Fried Red Bread Bread, Curry Potatoes Bread, Cocoa Bread, Chicken Floss Bread, Dried Meat Bread, Sausage Bread, Butter Cheese Bread, Cheese Ham Bread, Pancake, Sponge Cake, Swiss Roll... Please refer to our menu for other products as well. 周華記 Hawwah Bakery 【蕉賴皇后鎮,與HERO同排的萬泉美食中心前】 🚙 No. 29, Jalan Sri Permaisuri 9, Bandar Sri Permaisuri, 56000 Cheras, KL. 🌄 行動管制期間的營業時間為:上午8點~傍晚5點;Operating Hours during MCO: 8am~5pm #bread #Egg Tarts #Bun #Swiss Roll #Sponge Cake


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Li Fong
Apr 2020
Very nice packaging

Clement Wan
Apr 2020
核桃酥有些碎了,其他的都很新鲜,很好吃,尤其是蛋挞,新鲜出炉,到的时候还热的 👍👍

Ken Cheong
Apr 2020
I have already ordered and received the bread and other snacks yesterday. I must really say your your classic toast bread is the best I have tried in the market👍👍👍🍞 The toast bread texture🍞 is so fluffy and cottony.😋